23rd Graduation Ceremony for Tenrikyo Language Institute

Tenrikyo Language Institute (TLI) held its 23rd graduation ceremony on March 8 in honor of 64 graduates (Japanese Language Department, 44; Oyasato Fusekomi Department, 20). They were from 17 countries and regions: South Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, France, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Kenya.

After presenting the diplomas to the graduates, Principal Harunori Watanabe gave a farewell address. “My hope,” he said, “is that you will all keep the following two things in mind: savoring the joy of being kept alive and fulfilling the mission as Yoboku to help save others while overcoming knots.”

After congratulatory addresses by guests of honor, including Overseas Department Vice Head Hinao Nagao, two representatives from each department gave talks in which they expressed their appreciation to staff members of the institute as well as their fellow graduates and set forth their resolutions to contribute to the overseas mission.

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