This Month’s Message: Not One in a Thousand

Oyasama once said:

“In whatever God has once said, there is no mistake, not even one in one thousand. The path shall become exactly as God has said.”

Anecdotes of Oyasama, no. 120

When studying what Oyasama taught, sometimes we may find some part of it hard to understand and say to ourselves, “What on earth does this mean?” Or we may find another part difficult to accept, thinking, “This teaching is too hard!”

Yet the time will come—perhaps after we have faced and overcome a number of crises in our lives—when the true intention in giving these teachings dawns on us. In fact, the more we struggle, the stronger our conviction will be.

We will see that the teachings we initially thought were too severe actually embody deep parental love that fills our hearts with warmth, a warmth that we feel in the depths of our being.

Studying what Oyasama taught is like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle. It involves fitting together our life’s events in much the same manner as trying to put the jigsaw pieces together to form a picture. As some pieces start to fall into place, some meaning begins to emerge from what seemed to be a jumbled collection of unrelated events. Just as a message written in invisible ink starts to appear when heat is applied, Oyasama’s intention gradually surfaces from the jigsaw pieces of our life.

At a certain point, the puzzle shows a wonderful masterpiece. It is a breathtaking moment when we think, “Ah, things are happening exactly as Oyasama said they would!”

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