This Month’s Message: Confiding in Oyasama

Oyasama says:

“I have been waiting for you, waiting for you.”

Anecdotes of Oyasama, no. 10

When we are utterly at a loss, for example because of illness or other circumstances, we surrender to Oyasama with the kind of simplicity we would normally not show. This is because we cannot afford to let our ego get in the way in such a situation.

We present ourselves before Oyasama and quietly bow our head. We tell Her what is on our mind.

At first, we may not hear any response or see anything happen. After a while, however, our whole body gradually starts to feel warm. We may hear a voice calling us, “Come this way, come this way!” The gentle, almost whispering kind of voice goes on to say: “You have had a hard time, a very trying time, but you have kept hanging in there. You don’t need to make yourself suffer anymore. Haven’t you already been through more than your fair share of pain? Stop blaming yourself.”

Realizing that we are accepted as we are brings peace of mind. This is a liberating experience where we feel as if we could breathe again for the first time in years—as if something blocking our throat had started to melt away.

The same voice is saying: “You can just rely on Me. You have nothing to worry about. I am always there to protect you.” Suddenly, we feel a loving gaze on us. It is the everliving Oyasama’s gaze. She is right there, smiling at us.

We can confide anything to Oyasama, who is always there to listen. We can tell Her even things that we would be too ashamed to admit to anyone else. Confiding in Her makes our heart feel light and warm. We feel a surge of hope.

All this goes to show how Oyasama, being everliving, is always working for us all. How precious it is that Oyasama is everliving!

Faith in the everliving Oyasama often starts with confiding in Her.

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