Yoboku’s Guide to Tenrikyo

This book is a translation of Yoboku handobukku, which was compiled by Doyusha Publishing Company with the purpose of providing a resource for Yoboku to understand the teachings and practices of Tenrikyo. This 172-page book comprises the Mikagura-uta (the Songs for the Service), the Cornerstones of the Teachings, the Cornerstones of Practice, appendices including telephone directories and maps, and an index. Since it clearly and briefly explains the basic teachings and practices of Tenrikyo and is well illustrated with many photos and effective graphics, even those who are not Yoboku may find it useful as a guide to Tenrikyo.

Says its preface: “We Yoboku have already attended the nine Besseki lectures and are often given an opportunity to listen to the teachings. We may, therefore, feel as if we have a fairly good understanding of the basic teachings and practices of Tenrikyo. As time goes by, however, our understanding may become less reliable and, when given a chance to explain Tenrikyo to others, we may find ourselves unsure how to proceed. . . . It is sincerely hoped that those of you who are Yoboku will use this book to help you check your understanding of the basic teachings and practices and make them a part of your lives.”

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