This Month’s Message: Freedom from Worry

When bestowing the Grant of Safe Childbirth on a pregnant woman, Oyasama once said:

“You must forget all human concern. Rely on God the Parent and have a delivery free from worry.”
The Life of Oyasama, p. 29

Let’s say a friend is standing behind us and telling us: “Let go and fall backward into my arms. Don’t worry. I’ll catch you.” In response, we slowly start to fall backward. Beyond a certain point, however, we might begin to worry and end up using our legs to keep our balance. If we do so, we are not totally relying on him.

This is like sitting in an expensive recliner and keeping our body stiff in case its back breaks. We are not getting any rest. Genuine peace of mind comes from complete trust and reliance.

The nature of worry is that it does not really solve anything. On the contrary, the anxieties we feel may drain our mental energy and only worsen the situation we are trying to deal with.

Human power is limited. We do not even know what will happen five minutes from now. Relying only on ourselves and rejecting God’s help might not be wise.

If anxieties and agonies cause many sleepless nights, some of us might think that all hope is lost. Yet, at such a moment, we can hear a voice say, “So long as you lean on Me, there will be no danger.” It is Oyasama’s voice.

“Yes. Instead of worrying about this and that, I can leave everything to Oyasama. Whatever happens comes from the truth of heaven. I’ll accept everything with joy and gratitude.” Letting go and handing ourselves over can allow our hearts to come alive again; it is as if the fog lifts to reveal a path where it was least expected.

We can be confident that, no matter what problems we face, we will be safe and happy as long as we rely totally on Oyasama. Such is the power of faith.

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