Installation Service for New Head at Europe Centre

On March 11, the installation service for Rev. Yoshihisa Hasegawa as the seventh head of Tenrikyo Europe Centre in Antony, France, drew 79 people from seven countries including not only France but also Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.K. The event was also the center’s March monthly service.

After the service, Overseas Department Head Yoichiro Miyamori gave a sermon on how one ought to handle the mind during the service. He spoke about three states of mind that are not only ideal for performing the service but also to be had at all times: a “purified mind,” a “mind that is in unison with others,” and a “spirited mind.” He then stated his expectations for the new center head by saying, “I hope that when Yoboku scattered throughout Europe come to the center, they will be reminded of Oyasama’s Divine Model, allowing them to purify the mind, unite their minds with others, and be spirited in mind.”

Rev. Miyamori then said: “A building or place does not create the atmosphere of a Tenrikyo center. Its atmosphere emerges from members’ efforts of contribution. I’d like to ask you instruments of Oyasama living in the same region to work and pave a promising path together.”

Rev. Hasegawa then gave an address in French. He stated his belief that it was not a coincidence for the day of his installation to be held exactly a year after the disaster in northeast Japan. He stated his determination to walk the path of delight and spiritedness while being guided by Oyasama, bearing in mind the words of the Shinbashira given at Europe Centre’s 40th anniversary in 2010, and keeping his mind in accord with the congregation.

On the previous day, the 10th, the center held its 44th Europe Mission Promotion Meeting. There were 18 people in attendance including Rev. Miyamori. There was an animated discussion on what action the center would take to head toward the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama (2016) and its 50th anniversary (2020).

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