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Archive for February, 2003

120th Anniversary of Oyasama to Be Conducted on January 26, 2006

Following the Spring Grand Service on January 26, the Shinbashira made an announcement as to how the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama should be conducted. The announcement was made at a meeting of Church Headquarters resident staff members, head ministers of directly supervised churches, and diocese superintendents.
He said that the Service [...]

Spring Grand Service Draws 87,000

On January 26, the Shinbashira led 87,000 followers in the Spring Grand Service at the Main Sanctuary of Church Headquarters, commemorating the day Oyasama withdrew from physical life 116 years ago. Oyasama shortened Her physical life by 25 years in opening the “portals of the Shrine” on January 26, 1887, to [...]

First Post-war Church in Hong Kong Established

Minami Hong Kong Church, the first post-war church in Hong Kong, was established in January. The enshrinement service and the installation service for its head minister, Rev. Mitsuko Kitamura, were conducted on the 11th and 12th, respectively.
Tenrikyo was first brought to Hong Kong in 1928, and two churches were established in [...]

Tenrikyo Associations Announce Guidelines and Activities for 2003

Boys and Girls Association
The Boys and Girls Association leaders’ first meeting of the year was held on January 27 at the Home of the Parent, drawing 1,751 participants–including heads of diocese and directly supervised church corps and nurturing committee members from those corps as well as from district chapters–who were fully [...]

Sermon at the Spring Grand Service, January 26, 2003

I am truly thankful that so many of you have come from near and far to attend today’s Spring Grand Service, which we have duly been able to conclude.
On this occasion, I want to suggest that we once again take to heart the Parent’s intention that was behind the day of origin [...]