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This Month’s Message: Wrinkles of the Mind

Oyasama once said to a follower:
“If wrinkled paper is left as it is, it can be used only as toilet paper or as paper to blow one’s nose. . . . When the mind becomes completely wrinkled, it becomes like the toilet paper. Saving such minds, rather than discarding them, is the principle of this [...]

Tenrikyo’s Way of Thinking and Living: Establishment and Classification of Churches

Around the time when Oyasama withdrew from physical life in 1887, the government’s interference that Tenrikyo faced was so severe that followers could not establish churches. In the following year, 1888, they eventually obtained official approval for the establishment of a Church Headquarters in Tokyo and, soon after that, the headquarters was moved to Nara [...]

Tenrikyo’s Way of Thinking and Living: Followers, Yoboku, and Ministers

People who have faith in Tenrikyo can be classified into three groups depending on their progress in seeking the path—followers, Yoboku, and ministers—although all of them can collectively be referred to as followers.
According to the Constitution of Tenrikyo, “Those who have faith in the teachings of Tenrikyo and who are registered in their churches’ list [...]

Insights into the Anecdotes: Chushichi Yamanaka (1827–1902), Anecdote 21: “That’s All to the Good, That’s All to the Good”

The Anecdote
Around the middle of May 1868, five years from the time Chushichi Yamanaka had embraced the faith, a heavy rain had fallen continuously for many days. The river overflowed here and there, rice fields were washed out, and houses were carried away.
Chushichi suffered heavy losses. A landslide on his mountain property buried many large [...]

Tenrikyo’s Way of Thinking and Living: Head Ministers and Other Followers

In some religions, there is a clear distinction between the roles of people who work exclusively for the tasks of their religions—such as Buddhist priests and Christian ministers—and those of lay people.
How about Tenrikyo? No matter what position we may have, all of us followers have faith in God the Parent and try to follow [...]

Tenrikyo’s Way of Thinking and Living: Monthly Service of Regional Churches

At regional churches, the monthly services are performed on their respective days sanctioned by Church Headquarters. In Japan, a church conducts the monthly service on a fixed date each month, but there are overseas churches, including those in Brazil and the U.S.A., that perform the monthly service on a specific day of the week, such [...]