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Tenrikyo’s Way of Thinking and Living: Monthly Service of Regional Churches

At regional churches, the monthly services are performed on their respective days sanctioned by Church Headquarters. In Japan, a church conducts the monthly service on a fixed date each month, but there are overseas churches, including those in Brazil and the U.S.A., that perform the monthly service on a specific day of the week, such [...]

Insights into the Anecdotes: Isaburo Masui (1850–1910), Anecdote 16: “The Child’s Concern for the Parent”

The Anecdote (Summary)
When Isaburo Masui’s mother, Kiku, became critically ill, he returned to the Residence from Izushichijo Village and asked Oyasama to save her.
However, Oyasama replied, “I am sorry that in spite of your request she cannot be saved.” Isaburo excused himself from Her presence and went home. Yet he again returned to the Residence [...]

This Month’s Message: Mind like Cotton

Oyasama once told the following story of linen, silk and cotton:
“The linen lets the breeze go through freely and does not stick to the skin. Therefore, there is nothing cooler or better to wear in the summer. However, it is too cold to wear in the winter. It is just for the summer. After being [...]

Tenrikyo’s Way of Thinking and Living: Offering Worship

In Jiba, the Main Sanctuary, the Foundress’ Sanctuary, and the Memorial Hall are three separate buildings, which are connected to one another through the Corridor. When people offer worship, they sit down, clap their hands four times, and bow their heads. Having offered their prayers and expressed their appreciation to God, they raise their heads [...]

Tenrikyo’s Way of Thinking and Living: Morning and Evening Services

The morning and evening services are performed every day at Jiba and regional churches.
Church Headquarters sets the times of the morning and evening services based on sunrise and sunset—the times thus vary with the seasons. Regional churches set their own specific times.
When coming to worship at a church, you will see the instruments that are [...]

Insights into the Anecdotes: Chusaku Tsuji (1836–1905), Anecdote 9: “According to the Parents’ Minds”

The Anecdote
Toward the middle of July 1863, when Yoshimatsu, the eldest son of Chusaku Tsuji, was four years old, his face became pale and he was in danger of death. Oryu, Chusaku’s mother, came to pray, carrying her sick grandchild on her back. Oyasama saw them and said: “His parents should bring him instead.”
So Masu, [...]