A Talk by Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Zensuke Nakata (Delivered on August 27, 2020)

Transforming Negativity in the Mind into Positivity

Next, I would like to talk about the need to make appropriate adjustments to certain aspects of Tenrikyo’s church system. As one of the adjustments, we are in the process of having the medo (symbol of worship) of inactive churches returned to Jiba. As a possible next step, we are consulting with directly supervised churches about integrating the truth of church names. This is probably the first time in the history of Tenrikyo that something like this is being undertaken. In order to move forward into the future, we are discussing the issue of churches that are finding it difficult to carry out their activities or maintain themselves, with a view to integrating those churches into churches with which they are affiliated. The medo of the churches being integrated will be returned to Jiba. The purpose of this undertaking is to bring together and integrate those churches’ strengths—which are currently spread out—so that their head ministers’ families and their Yoboku and followers can conduct their activities without worry or anxiety as they move forward along the path spiritedly far into the future.

All Tenrikyo churches have a history that includes the efforts and achievements of their founders and of others who worked with them. Given this, it is entirely understandable that the members of churches whose medo is being returned and whose truth of a church name is being integrated could not bear to see this happening. However, if we take an honest look at the actual state of our churches, we cannot simply ignore the current situation surrounding the medo of some churches—a situation for which we feel terribly sorry when we think about our predecessors’ efforts—or the lack of spiritedness of those belonging to those churches. I would like to suggest that we regard the integration of the truth of church names as involving adding the history of all the efforts and achievements of the church being integrated to the history of the church into which it is being integrated so that everyone belonging to these churches can follow the path together from this point on.

Churches that are eager to make a fresh start and strive toward the blessings of the fruit of their work of single-hearted salvation will undoubtedly do their utmost in this regard. Some other churches will probably be inspired by such churches to redouble their efforts, as well. Spiritedness in the mind and a clear goal to work toward would certainly make it possible to put forth the kind of efforts that would be accepted by God. To move forward, we need to transform the negativity in our minds into positivity and join our efforts together. I very much hope that we make a decisive change in the way we follow the path with the aim of starting anew at this juncture.

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