A Talk by Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Zensuke Nakata (Delivered on August 27, 2020)

Toward the 150th Anniversary of Oyasama and the 200th Anniversary of Tenrikyo

What I would like to ask today is that we set a common goal for the Tenrikyo community in order to bring about a turnaround as we start afresh in unity of mind.

It goes without saying that, even if we set a goal today, we cannot see the results tomorrow. This is the path where we can receive the true blessings by making a steady and constant effort and dedicating our sincerity.

In 2036, 16 years from now, we will observe the 150th Anniversary of Oyasama, and in the year after that, 2037, we will observe the 200th Anniversary of Tenrikyo. As we move toward these significant milestones, we need to ponder over what we should do and to implement it so that we can show Oyasama the progress we will achieve by making one another ever more spirited on the journey of single-hearted salvation, thereby having Her become spirited. My hope is that all our churches move toward this goal. As a matter of course, having a common goal does not mean everyone will do the same thing. Church Headquarters will announce concrete goals and plans, but each church is expected to find its own ways to carry out the work of single-hearted salvation.

I will be in my mid-70s by the time of the anniversaries. Some of you here today are even older than I, but it does not matter how old we will become. The important thing is how each church entrusted to us will be and who—including head minister’s family members and followers—will be gathering at our churches at that time. All we need to do is share the awareness of this issue with younger generations, set a common goal with them, and exert our utmost sincerity to fulfill our roles.

Given 16 or 17 years of proper care and upbringing, babies born today will grow up and reach the age for attending the Besseki lectures. They will be able to understand Oyasama’s teachings, settle them in their minds, and implement them. If we become aware of the importance of these years to come and resolve to exert layer upon layer of efforts in unity of mind, we will certainly be shown the blessings of tangible results.

Before these anniversaries, we will observe the 140th Anniversary of Oyasama in five and a half years. Regarding that as our next milestone, let us begin our efforts by getting rid of negativity in our minds. It is important to take a medium- and long-term perspective.

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