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Archive for August, 2009

2009 Children’s Pilgrimage Attracts 244,000 to the Home of the Parent

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters hosted the annual Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba in the Home of the Parent between July 26 and August 4 under the new theme “We are all brothers and sisters. Let’s return to the Home of the Parent.” The Boys and Girls Association Headquarters had also released the new [...]

July Monthly Service Performed

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters conducted its July Monthly Service on the 26th in the Main Sanctuary with the Shinbashira presiding. The 26th was also the opening day of the Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba. Thus, many children in pilgrimage groups, uniformed Boys and Girls Hinokishin Corps participants, and student groups in matching T-shirts [...]

Ecology Symposium Focuses on Developing Countries

On July 18, the Tenri Citizens Network for Ecology, led by Professor Takanori Sato, a researcher at Tenri University’s Oyasato Institute for the Study of Religion, hosted the Symposium on Ecology in Developing Countries at the Tenri Cultural Center under the auspices of Tenri City and Tenri University. The network was [...]

Seventh International Hinokishin Corps Held

The seventh International Hinokishin Corps was held between July 18 and 24. Organized every three years, the corps―which serves as a special corps of the Oyasato Construction Young Men’s Association Hinokishin Corps―is designed to provide overseas members with an opportunity to sow seeds of sincerity at Jiba through hinokishin as well [...]

2009 Oyasato Seminar Conducted in Five Languages

The opening ceremony for the 2009 Oyasato Seminar―a summer program geared toward transmitting the faith to mainly high-school-age participants who are to shoulder the tasks of the overseas mission―was held in the ninth-floor assembly hall of Moya 38 on July 10. At the ceremony, Overseas Department Head Yoichiro Miyamori gave an [...]