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Archive for April, 2009

80,000 Attend Oyasama Birth Celebration Service

Some 80,000 followers, including many from overseas, converged on the Home of the Parent in the city of Tenri on April 18 to celebrate the 211th birthday of the everliving Oyasama, adored as “our beloved Parent,” who is guiding all humankind to the realization of the Joyous Life, the goal of [...]

Students’ Pilgrimage Makes Spring Colorful in the Home of the Parent

On March 28, the Students’ Spring Pilgrimage to Jiba, cosponsored by the Students Association and the Students Advisory Committee, was held in the Home of the Parent. Honored by the presence of the Shinbashira and his wife, as well as the former Shinbashira, the convention held in the Inner Courtyard of [...]


Sermon: “You Are Saved by Saving Others”
The Shinbashira led the March Monthly Service of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters on the 26th, a day when the Home of the Parent, along with the rest of the Japanese archipelago, was enveloped in crisp, cold weather.
In his Service prayer, which he delivered on behalf of all [...]

Oyasato Institute for the Study of Religion Holds Forum on Mission in Africa

Tenri University’s Oyasato Institute for the Study of Religion held the fifth Mission Forum on March 25. This forum provides opportunities to reflect on the history of the overseas mission and to think about how Tenrikyo should conduct its activities if they are to be sustainable into the future. Entitled “Tenrikyo [...]

International Network for Mutual Help Holds Annual Charity Bazaar

The International Network for Mutual Help, based in the Overseas Department, held its 13th annual charity bazaar on April 12 on the department’s premises as part of its effort to raise funds for international aid. This network, besides such fundraising activities, collects and provides information on international aid in cooperation [...]

Only Several Months to Live

This is a translation of an article written by Rev. Michinori Hara, head minister of Yoshu Branch Church, for the Tenri Jiho newspaper’s column entitled “The Ofudesaki, My Companion along the Way.”

Nothing should be called illness. Should your body be afflicted, it is God’s call for your service.
Ofudesaki IV:25

In April seven years ago, when I [...]