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Archive for February, 2007

Tenrikyo Associations Announce Guidelines and Plans for 2007

Women’s Association
Tenrikyo Women’s Association Headquarters held a seminar for chairwomen of directly supervised chapters and diocese chapters on January 27 and 28. Convened in the 4th-floor auditorium of the Oyasato-yakata’s South Right Wing 1, the seminar drew 776 women including not only chairwomen of directly supervised chapters and diocese chapters but [...]

Sermon at the Spring Grand Service

May I express my sincere appreciation for the trouble you have taken in returning to Jiba to attend today’s Spring Grand Service for the 170th year of the Teaching. As we have just been able to duly perform the Service, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my [...]

72,000 Followers Attend Spring Grand Service

The Shinbashira led the congregation in the Spring Grand Service on January 26 at the Main Sanctuary of Church Headquarters. The Service commemorated the lunar calendar date of January 26, 1887, the day that Oyasama withdrew from physical life. Carrying on the momentum that had maintained a lively atmosphere at Jiba [...]