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Archive for September, 2005

Tenrikyo Participates in Assembly of Prayer for Peace

Organized by a group of religious leaders based in Okinawa, the 15th Assembly of Prayer for Peace took place at the Okinawan Peace Hall, built on Mabuni Hill in Itoman, Okinawa, on August 15, the day marking the end of World War II. Held under the theme “Let’s Send Our [...]

August Monthly Service Performed

The August Monthly Service was conducted at Tenrikyo Church Headquarters on the 26th with the Shinbashira presiding. At 9:00 A.M., amid the elegant sounds of gagaku music, the Shinbashira and the other Service performers left the Staff Quarters to offer worship at the Foundress’ Sanctuary and the Memorial Hall before proceeding to [...]

English Class of Head Minister Qualification Course One Held

The Head Minister Qualification Course One was held at the Home of the Parent from August 27 to September 14. This course is designed to train and nurture ministers (kyoto) who have a heightened awareness of being Yoboku and a strong sense of mission and who aspire to work for single-hearted [...]

Tenrikyo Basics Course Lowers Age Requirement to Fifteen

Tenrikyo Education and Nurture Department has decided to lower the minimum age requirement for attending Tenrikyo Basics Course from 17 to 15. This revision will come into effect on October 1. In anticipation of the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama, it is hoped that ever more people will take advantage of the [...]

Over 1,600 Students Share Joy of Faith and Cultivate Lifelong Friendships at Home of the Parent

The High School Division of the Students Training Course was held at the Home of the Parent from August 9 through 15. This year, 728 male and 913 female high school students (a total of 1,641 participants) gathered from all parts of Japan to talk about their faith with fellow students, [...]