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Archive for August, 2003

July Monthly Service Performed Joyfully

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters conducted its July Monthly Service on the 26th at the Main Sanctuary with the Shinbashira presiding. Despite the announcement of the end of the rainy season, the sky over the Sanctuary precincts was covered with clouds and the temperature was lower than usual.
This day being the first day [...]

High School Division of Students Training Course Held

The High School Division of the Students Training Course was held at the Home of the Parent from August 9 through 15 with a total of 1,736 students participating. This annual one-week course is designed to provide students who do not attend schools in the Home of the Parent with an [...]

Oyasato Seminar Held in Three Languages

The 2003 Oyasato Seminar began on July 10 with 58 participants from seven countries. Initially launched in the summer of 1984 to provide instruction in English on Oyasama’s teachings for children of church head ministers and fellowship heads in the United States and Canada, the program has been conducted for years [...]

First Church in Argentina Established

Buenos Aires Church, which belongs to Kawaramachi Grand Church, was recently established in Argentina. Located in Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires, it is the first Tenrikyo church to be established in that country.
Rev. Shin Yang-Ki, 56-year-old head minister of the new church, became a Tenrikyo follower in his native South Korea. In [...]

Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba Celebrates Its 50th Year, Drawing 290,000 People from All over the World

The 50th Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba was held between July 26 and August 4 under the theme “Gratitude, Joy, Hinokishin.” During this 10-day period, more than 290,000 children and adult leaders, including some 540 from 16 overseas countries and regions, returned to the Home of the Parent to enjoy a wide [...]