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Archive for December, 2002

Tenrikyo Federation for Foster Parents Marks 20 Years of Bringing Family Warmth for Children

On November 25, Tenrikyo Federation for Foster Parents held a convention commemorating its 20th anniversary, which drew about 220 members.
Tenrikyo–at the level of local churches in particular–had been taking an active role in fostering children even before a national system for foster parents was instituted in 1948. This is partly because we [...]

November Monthly Service Performed

The November Monthly Service of Church Headquarters was performed in the Main Sanctuary on the 26th. The morning was overcast and chilly, and many of the followers, who began arriving in the precincts an hour before the Service was scheduled to commence, came bundled up in jackets and scarves to protect [...]

Young Men’s Association Seminar Raises Awareness About Nurturing the Young

The Young Men’s Association held its 5th Arakitoryo Nurturing Course on November 27 at the Home of the Parent. The course aimed at raising the association members’ awareness about providing care and nurture for the young.
This event came at a time when the Shinbashira’s Instruction Two, announced at the Autumn Grand [...]

The Shinbashira Delivers Address at Student Nurturers Convention

On November 25, Tenrikyo Student Advisory Committee sponsored an annual convention entitled “Student Nurturers Convention.” Held in Jiba with the presence of the Shinbashira, the convention drew over a thousand people, 400 more than the previous year. This was the first convention where the present Shinbashira spoke directly to those entrusted [...]

Church Headquarters Starts Official Visits

Church Headquarters began sending its officials on November 20 to directly supervised churches in an effort to ensure that a full understanding of the intention in observing the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama would be achieved.
The officials carry out their visits on the basis of Instruction Two, which was announced by the [...]

Education and Nurture Department Reveals Plans for New Instructional System

A general outline for a new instructional system being developed by the Education and Nurture Department (headed by Rev. Motoyoshi Tomimatsu) was presented on November 27 at the monthly meeting of the Kanamekai (the association comprising the head ministers of all directly supervised churches), as well as at a meeting of [...]