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Category: Insights into the Anecdotes

Insights into the Anecdotes: Isaburo Masui (1850–1910), Anecdote 16: “The Child’s Concern for the Parent”

The Anecdote (Summary)
When Isaburo Masui’s mother, Kiku, became critically ill, he returned to the Residence from Izushichijo Village and asked Oyasama to save her.
However, Oyasama replied, “I am sorry that in spite of your request she cannot be saved.” Isaburo excused himself from Her presence and went home. Yet he again returned to the Residence [...]

Insights into the Anecdotes: Chusaku Tsuji (1836–1905), Anecdote 9: “According to the Parents’ Minds”

The Anecdote
Toward the middle of July 1863, when Yoshimatsu, the eldest son of Chusaku Tsuji, was four years old, his face became pale and he was in danger of death. Oryu, Chusaku’s mother, came to pray, carrying her sick grandchild on her back. Oyasama saw them and said: “His parents should bring him instead.”
So Masu, [...]