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Archive for October, 2007

Doctrinal Study Seminars I and II Held in Brazzaville

Tenrikyo Congo-Brazzaville Church, located in Brazzaville, the Republic of the Congo, sponsored doctrinal study seminars I and II in August and September. These seminars were developed as part of the local human resources development program in the Congo and were first organized in 2002, when the nation was in the midst [...]

Tenrikyo Nioigake Day–Yoboku Sprinkle the Fragrance of Tenrikyo, the Teachings of the Joyous Life

Tenrikyo Nioigake Day was observed from September 28 to 30 to wrap up the month when followers in Japan were asked to concentrate their efforts toward nioigake–sprinkling the fragrance of the teachings. The Mission Department of Church Headquarters designated September 28 this year as the day for church head ministers to [...]

Tenri University Gagaku Music Society Performs in China

On September 25, Tenri University Gagaku Music Society performed at a mid-autumn moon festival concert in Xi’an, China. The concert was held to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan. Sponsored by the public and private sectors from both countries, it was also part [...]

Young Women’s Convention Kicks Off

The 25th Young Women’s Convention is taking place regionally through December under the sponsorship of Tenrikyo Women’s Association. Scheduled to be held at over 60 venues in and outside Japan, the convention is organized around the theme “In gratitude for our overflowing blessings, let’s share our joy with smiling faces–Let’s [...]

The Shinbashira and His Wife Attend Oceania Centre’s 10th Anniversary

On September 30, the Shinbashira and his wife, Mrs. Harue Nakayama, attended the 10th anniversary celebration of Tenrikyo Oceania Centre (TOC), located in Brisbane, Australia. This was the couple’s second visit to TOC since 1998–a year after its establishment–when they attended a ceremony to mark the completion of Tenri Youth Hall, [...]

Joyously Accepting “Knots”

This is a translation of an article written by Mankichi Nakamura, former head minister of Fukube Branch Church, for Tenri Jiho newspaper’s column entitled “The Ofudesaki, My Companion along the Way.”
If only the Service is done without error, the Gift of Heaven, also, will be given without fail.
Ofudesaki X:34

In the past two years, I have [...]