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The Shinbashira’s Sermon at the Spring Grand Service 2018

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for carrying out the tasks of the path in the course of your daily life. Thank you also for returning here for the Spring Grand Service today despite the severe cold weather. Having duly concluded the Service, I would like to take this [...]

Spring Grand Service 2018

Spring Grand Service 2018

On January 26, the Spring Grand Service commemorating the day when Oyasama withdrew from physical life—namely, the lunar calendar date of January 26, 1887—was performed in the Main Sanctuary of Church Headquarters with the Shinbashira presiding as chief officiant.

New Year’s Address by the Shinbashira (2018)

The Shinbashira delivered his New Year’s address at the New Year’s meeting of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters conducted in the Assembly Hall following the evening service on January 4. The meeting was attended by 681 participants, including resident staff members of Church Headquarters, head ministers of directly supervised churches, superintendents of dioceses, members of the Assembly, [...]

Season’s Greetings from the Shinbashira

May I extend my warmest Season’s Greetings to all of you. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for the efforts you devoted to the work of single-hearted salvation in your respective roles and positions during the past year.
Throughout last year, we focused our efforts on nurturing human resources who would carry the [...]

The Shinbashira’s Sermon at the Autumn Grand Service 2017

May I express my deep appreciation to all of you for returning to Jiba to attend today’s Autumn Grand Service for the 180th year of the Teaching. May I also thank you most sincerely for the efforts you are devoting in your daily lives to the work of the path. Having concluded the performance of [...]

The 50th Memorial Service for the 2nd Shinbashira Conducted

The 50th Memorial Service for the 2nd Shinbashira Conducted

The 50th memorial service for the second Shinbashira, Shozen Nakayama, was solemnly observed on November 14 at Church Headquarters [...]