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Archive for June, 2008

Pep Rally for “Gatherings for Tenri Young Men: Unity and Progress”

On May 25, the Young Men’s Association Headquarters held a pep rally in Church Headquarters’ Dining Hall 2 to prepare for the upcoming “Gatherings for Tenri Young Men: Unity and Progress.” It was attended by some 1,400 committee members of chapters based in directly supervised churches and dioceses.
This pep rally was [...]

May Monthly Service Conducted

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters conducted the May Monthly Service on the 26th, with the Shinbashira presiding as chief officiant. The day in the Home of the Parent was blessed with clear skies as well as pleasant breezes.
Shortly before 9:00 A.M., the Shinbashria and other Service performers left the Staff Quarters for the [...]

Planting Trees in Toyako, Venue for G8 Summit

On June 1, Hokkaido Diocese assisted in a tree-planting event organized by the town of Toyako, which will provide the venue for the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit in July when the heads of the world’s eight leading industrialized nations will discuss global environmental concerns, among other issues.
Toyako saw the tree-planting project [...]

First Social Welfare Convention Held in the Home of the Parent

On May 25, the Social Welfare Section of Tenrikyo Mission Department held the inaugural Social Welfare Convention under the theme “Insight into Our Lives” at Tenri University. The convention consisted of three parts–a ceremony, section meetings, and a commemorative lecture–and drew a total of 707 members from 17 Tenrikyo social welfare [...]

Inauguration Ceremony Held for the South Korea Chapter of the Boys and Girls Association

An inauguration ceremony for the South Korea chapter of the Boys and Girls Association (BGA) was held on May 18 following the May monthly service at Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in South Korea.
At the inauguration ceremony, Rev. Toshihiko Yamamoto, the chairperson of Tenrikyo BGA Headquarters, presented the charter recognizing the establishment of [...]