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Archive for May, 2006

Oyasama 120th Anniversary Hinokishin Day

The Oyasama 120th Anniversary Hinokishin Day was observed at a large number of locations throughout Japan on April 29 as well as at scores of locations in overseas countries mostly on weekends and holidays before or after that day under the theme,”Get all Yoboku and their families involved.” This year being [...]

Missionaries from the United States and France Speak on the Overseas Path

As a special event for the year of the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama, missionaries engaging in salvation work in various parts of the world are being invited to introduce the current state of their overseas mission by speaking in a video and lecture series entitled, “The Path of World Salvation.” On [...]

April Monthly Service Performed in High Spirits

The April Monthly Service of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters was solemnly conducted on the 26th with the Shinbashira presiding as chief officiant. The weather was overcast and relatively chilly for this season of the year–the average temperature in the morning being 50.4ºF (10.2ºC). For the sake of warmth, many people in the [...]

International Cultural Seminar Inspires Pioneers of the Path

Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association Headquarters sponsored its 19th International Cultural Seminar on April 26 at Moya 38.
This seminar sought to heighten the members’ awareness of the overseas mission and provide them with an overview of the association’s activities being conducted abroad. The annual event drew 295 people, including 219 association members.
Association Headquarters [...]

Dr. Kazuo Murakami Gives a Special Lecture at the Home of the Parent

On April 22, Dr. Kazuo Murakami, biochemist and professor emeritus at Tsukuba University, gave a lecture at Yoki Hall, located in the Oyasato-yakata’s South Right Wing 2. Dr. Murakami is well known for successfully decoding the genes of renin, an enzyme which is crucial in blood pressure regulation.
The lecture had a [...]

Children from Overseas Participate in Oyasato Junior Gathering

Sponsored by the Overseas Department, the third Oyasato Junior Gathering was held in the Home of the Parent from April 20 to 21, drawing 55 participants including children and their adult leaders from four overseas countries–namely, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, and the United States. This gathering was initially launched in 1996–the [...]