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Archive for December, 2004

Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake: Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps Lends a Hand

Tenrikyo Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps was dispatched to Niigata Prefecture to help residents recover from the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake, which struck the prefecture in late October. On November 15, the corps set up its relief activity headquarters in Kawaguchi Town, one of the most damaged towns. To meet the needs of the [...]

Inside Report in Honor of 50th Anniversary of Young Men’s Assn. Hinokishin Corps

The Oyasato Construction Young Men’s Association hinokishin Corps celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. First organized when the Oyasato-yakata building-complex construction was begun in 1954, it had already formed its 691st regular corps in October 2004. During these 50 years, approximately 80,000 association members have sown seeds of sincerity at [...]

Training Course for Audio Book Readers Held

The Social Welfare Section sponsored a training course for audio book readers at the Home of the Parent between November 27 and 29, drawing 33 participants.
Seeking to make the teachings available for the blind and the visually impaired, the section not only maintains a collection of audio and braille books in [...]

All Tenri Schools Speech Rally Held

On October 26, the 54th All Tenri Schools Speech Rally–featuring 14 speakers, one from each of the schools in the Home of the Parent–was held at Tenri University Auditorium. The speech rally, sponsored by Tenri University’s Yoboku Association with the support of Doyusha Publishing Company, aims to provide students who study [...]

November Monthly Service Performed

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters conducted the November Monthly Service on the 26th with the Shinbashira presiding. A number of directly supervised churches–including Honriyo, Sakurai, Kasaoka, Shikito, Ikoma, Kawanoe, Aboshi, Yamakage, Shikishima, Toai, Izumi, and Toyoshige–organized group pilgrimages to Jiba between the 25th, the day before the Monthly Service, and the 28th, [...]

Tenrikyo Takes Part in Nara Prefecture Religious Forum

On November 28, the “Nara Prefecture Religious Forum–Goal of Religious People” took place at Todaiji Buddhist Temple, located in the city of Nara. The forum, the first of its kind to be held in Nara Prefecture, provided an opportunity for participants to exchange their opinions on global crises and world peace [...]