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Archive for February, 2004

Tenrikyo Associations Announce Guidelines and Plans for 2004

Women’s Association
The Women’s Association Headquarters held the Seminar for Chairwomen of Directly Supervised Chapters and Diocese Chapters on January 27 and 28 at the Home of the Parent. More than 260 attended.
The seminar began with an address by Mrs. Harue Nakayama, president of the Women’s Association. She said that, throughout the remainder [...]

Oyasama 120th Anniversary Path Leaders Rallies Begin

On February 1, the Oyasama 120th Anniversary Path Leaders Rallies, sponsored by Church Headquarters, were launched amid increasing efforts by followers to promote the implementation of single-hearted salvation in the second year of the “three years, one thousand days” season leading up to the 120th Anniversary. These rallies are aimed at [...]

Sermon at the Spring Grand Service, January 26, 2004

May I express my sincere appreciation to all of you for coming from near and far to attend today’s Spring Grand Service for the 167th year of the Teaching? As we have just been able to conclude the Service, I wish to take this opportunity to share some of my thoughts with [...]

The Spring Grand Service of the 167th Year of the Teaching

The Spring Grand Service for the 167th year of the Teaching was conducted at the Home of the Parent on January 26 in remembrance of the day when Oyasama, shortening Her term of life by 25 years, withdrew from physical life to step out and level the ground, saying, “I shall save [...]