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Category: This Month’s Message

This Month’s Message: Mountain of Treasure

Oyasama once said:
“If you go to the summit you will receive something marvelous. But since one turns back because of dangers on the way, one does not receive the treasure.”
Anecdotes of Oyasama, no. 171

On the calm ocean surface, suddenly a pillar of fire shoots up. With a deafening noise, a new volcano emerges.
It might seem [...]

This Month’s Message: Wrinkles of the Mind

Oyasama once said to a follower:
“If wrinkled paper is left as it is, it can be used only as toilet paper or as paper to blow one’s nose. . . . When the mind becomes completely wrinkled, it becomes like the toilet paper. Saving such minds, rather than discarding them, is the principle of this [...]

This Month’s Message: Mind like Cotton

Oyasama once told the following story of linen, silk and cotton:
“The linen lets the breeze go through freely and does not stick to the skin. Therefore, there is nothing cooler or better to wear in the summer. However, it is too cold to wear in the winter. It is just for the summer. After being [...]

This Month’s Message: Why Bother with Faith?

Oyasama once told a follower:
“Virtue is more deeply planted in the second generation than in the first one, and deeper still in the third than in the second. By becoming ever deeper, it will become virtue which lasts forever.”
Anecdotes of Oyasama, no. 123

To you, who have just turned fifteen, from your father:
Happy birthday! Let me [...]

This Month’s Message: Oyasama

Oyasama once told a follower who had arrived at the Residence after a difficult journey through heavy snow:
“Oh, I am so glad to see you have come. God the Parent lent a hand to bring you home. You had a hard time, slipping at many places. However, you were joyful. Sah, sah, God the Parent [...]

This Month’s Message: Loving-Kindness

Oyasama once told a follower shortly after he began to follow the path:
“Become a person with a gentle heart.”
Anecdotes of Oyasama, no. 123

There may be times when, after receiving a negative comment from someone we know, we feel so angry that we can barely contain ourselves. We might think of getting back at that person.
Yet [...]